Statistics2013 Posters

You can help spread the word about the International Year of Statistics in your community or at your school or place of work by printing and displaying these posters.

The first, titled “Bubbles,” spotlights examples from around the world of the many ways statistics improves the human condition. The second is a presentation of the word “statistics” in various languages.

Be sure to place these Statistics2013 posters in several high-traffic, visible locations at your school (e.g., library, student union), office building, public library, favorite coffee shop, or other popular meeting spot.

The Statistics2013 “Bubbles” poster is also an excellent teaching aid, because it illustrates to students the impact statistics has on them and their families. So, if you are a teacher, give the poster to your students during class instruction on statistics.

Statistics2013 Poster Statistics2013 Poster
Significance Magazine Statistics2013 Poster

Poster is 19MB; expect
slower than normal download.

United States National Center for Health Statistics

The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics invites you to download a copy of this poster from its website (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the poster).

NCHS Poster