Statistics Career Videos

  1.  Careers in Statistics provided by Teaching Statistics (United Kingdom)
    This international journal, which is aimed at all who teach statistical methods and concepts to nine to 19 year olds, features articles on teaching statistics as a specialist subject and as a support tool for other disciplines as well as ideas and resources for teaching data-handling and probability.

  2. A Career in Biopharmaceutical Statistics provided by the Biopharmaceutical Section of the American Statistical Association (United States)
    Do you like math AND science? Do you like to solve puzzles? Do you want to have a rewarding career with good compensation? You should consider biopharmaceutical statistics.

  3. Relevance of Statistics to the Public Health Sciences provided by Professor John McGready, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health (United States)
    A series of interviews with biostatisticians about the importance of biostatistics as a core driver of public health discovery.

  4. Statistics Video Series provided by CIMAT (Mexico)
    A series of videos produced by The Mathematics Research Center (CIMAT) in Guanajuato, Mexico, in which key scientists from different fields talk about the impact of statistics on their work.

  5. My Role as a Statistical Consultant provided by Select Statistical Services (United Kingdom)
    Watch as Lynsey McColl of Select Statistical Services talks about her career as a statistical consultant.

  6. Small Businesses Use of Economic Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau (United States)
    See how small businesses use economic data developed by statisticians at the U.S. Census Bureau to identify new opportunities and the possibility of expansion.

  7. Statisticians-An Essential Service Provider provided by Select Statistical Services (United Kingdom)
    Select Statistics CEO Steve Brooks explains how statisticians extract from data the information essential for decision-making.

  8. Evidence-Based Decision-Making provided by Select Statistical Services (United Kingdom)
    Select Statistics CEO Steve Brooks discusses how more effective business decisions can be made by combining experience with data and statistical analysis.