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By Banco Santander Brasil

Beatriz Guarezi used her car five times a week to travel to and from college. She also used it on the weekend to hang out with her friends. She had never stopped to think how much this habit—part of her daily routine—affected the environment.

That changed when Professor Eduardo Jara asked her and classmates at the Statistical Analysis class in the management program at the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC), Florianópolis, Brasil, to create a statistical analysis of situations of their daily lives. The idea was to measure the effects of these daily actions on the planet.

“The sustainability issue is widely discussed qualitatively. It’s just that, as a professor of statistics, I felt there was a lack of in terms of quantification. Everyone knows that they produce a lot of garbage, but they do not know how many kilos we are talking about. They do not know if their pattern of consumption is higher or lower than average,” said Jara.