Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop

About the Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop

Workshop at a Glance:

  • WHAT: Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop
  • WHEN: November 11-12, 2013
  • WHERE: Royal Statistical Society Offices, London, England

About the Future of the Statistical Sciences Workshop

The capstone event of the International Year of Statistics is a two-day, invited Workshop on the Future of the Statistical Sciences. This workshop will showcase the breadth and importance of statistics and highlight the extraordinary opportunities for statistical research in the coming decade.

More specifically the workshop will convey an important story to each primary audience:

  • To scientists in data-rich fields: statisticians are ready, willing and able to engage in deep, long-term collaborations;
  • To funding agencies: statistics is the data science and can (and does) provide tools to enable progress across a huge range of human endeavors;
  • To statisticians: don’t let the opportunities for high-impact research pass you by; and
  • To future statisticians: join us and engage in a discipline with a huge future.

The workshop will involve about 100 people, participating by invitation. Also, it will be available to all for viewing via the Internet.

In addition to statisticians, participants in the workshop will be representatives from other areas of science and practice that involve problems of a statistical nature. The workshop is organized around presentations and panels.

After the workshop, with input from each participant, the organizing committee will write a summary document that will be widely distributed to the greater scientific community.

Have Your Voice Heard!

There are ways you can contribute directly to the Workshop and the future of the statistical sciences.

One of the major outcomes of the Workshop will be a paper-written by a professional science writer-that will be targeted to funding agencies. These agencies must understand the statistical sciences and have a sense of where it is heading. To help us prepare this paper, and to help set the tone for the workshop, we invite you to submit a brief statement describing your perspective on the current and near-term future state of the statistical sciences with which you are most familiar. We will compile all of the perspectives we receive to develop a global view.

We want to hear your voice! Please send your statement to the Workshop Organizing Committee through Ron Wasserstein, executive director of the American Statistical Association, at ron@amstat.org.

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Workshop Sponsors

American Statistical Association National Science Foundation
Royal Statistical Society Institute of Mathematical Statistics
ISI International Biometric Society
Bernoulli Society Statistical Society of Canada
International Association for Statistical Education International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics
SAGE Publications
International Chinese Statistical Association Taylor and Francis
International Indian Statistical Association Wiley