Pisica Began Her Statistics Career at 18!

October 1, 2020

in Statistician Job of the Week

By Nicoleta Caragea

Silvia Pisica is the General Director of the General Department of Social Statistics and Demography at the National Institute of Statistics, Romania.

Her prestigious education as a PhD was obtained under the aegis of Romanian Academy.

She started her career in statistics when she was 18 years old. Since, she perpetuated her knowledge and she became a great professional with a lot of expertise and tenacity.

Today, she continuously shares her experiences with her colleagues in order to instill among them a devotion to statistics.

Silvia has brought numerous innovations to the Romanian statistical system. She is both an excellent theoretician as well as a brilliant practiser. She initiated a number of new methodologies. A prime example is the first quality report in Romanian official statistics: the Labour Force Survey Quality Report in 1998. Another, which was subject of her doctoral thesis, is a methodology to measure the informal labour market.

Silvia developed methodologies for statistical samples and exhaustive surveys in education, professional training, labour market and social exclusion. She also has developed analysis methods of the results, highlighting the determinants and the economic and social impact assessment of social policies.

Caragea is senior expert at the National Institute of Statistics, Romania. She is also Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Ecological University of Bucharest.