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Math of Planet Earth 2013

The International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013)

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The International Year of Statistics ("Statistics2013") is a worldwide celebration and recognition of the contributions of statistical science. Through the combined energies of organizations worldwide, Statistics2013 will promote the importance of Statistics to the broader scientific community, business and government data users, the media, policy makers, employers, students, and the general public.

The goals of Statistics2013 include:


Would your organization like to be a part of this celebration? Click here to indicate your interest and join the list of supporters of Statistics2013. Click here to view a list of groups that have expressed interest thus far.

Remember: Signing up as a participating organization creates no obligation for your organization. It simply indicates that you support the goals of the International Year of Statistics.

Of course, your organization might choose to have special activities during 2013, or to shine a special light on Statistics through some of your regularly scheduled activities.

We hope many groups will place special emphasis on activities to engage students and potential students of statistics, helping them to become more aware of statistics as a key scientific discipline. Some organizations might consider special foci, such as a broad statistical literacy outreach or promoting the ways in which statistics advances science and improves the human condition.

We encourage all interested organizations to participate in this International Year of Statistics. Please pass the link to this website on to your colleagues, or send them this flyer.

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