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2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide event supported by more than 2,150 organizations!

You may be asking yourself, “Why celebrate statistics?” The short answer is because statistics have powerful and far-reaching effects on everyone, yet most people are unaware of their connection—from the foods they eat to the medicines they take—and how statistics improve their lives.

The founding organizations of the International Year of Statistics—also called Statistics2013—are the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute (and the Bernoulli Society), and Royal Statistical Society. As established by the founding organizations, the campaign’s primary objectives are to do the following:

  • Increase public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society
  • Nurture statistics as a profession, especially among young people
  • Promote creativity and development in the sciences of probability and statistics

Statistics2013 Global Supporters

Statistics2013 Global Participants

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Statistics2013 participating organizations include national and international professional statistical societies, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, businesses, government statistical agencies, and research institutes. These organizations are located in 126 countries spanning the world.

Throughout 2013, participating organizations will promote the importance of statistics to the scientific community, business and government data users, the media, policymakers, employers, secondary school and college students, and millions of people like you. Many participating organizations are planning seminars, media outreach, and other educational and promotional activities in their countries. You can see what organizations from your country are participating in Statistics2013 and learn more about them by clicking here.

We invite you to explore the Statistics2013 website. Our hope is that you and your fellow citizens of the world will gain a greater appreciation for the myriad ways statistics improves the quality of your life and greatly advances our global society.

Why the International Year of Statistics?

Statistics2013 Steering Committee member and American Statistical Association Executive Director Ronald A. Wasserstein explains why more than 2,150 organizations worldwide have banded together to celebrate statistics. Click here to view the audio PowerPoint presentation.