Scarce Resources, Significant Needs!

August 5, 2020

in Statistics2013 Blog

By Stanley Reid

When a country’s physical infrastructure and human capital needs are significant and the required finances are not available, how will the scarce resources that are available be allocated? When social ills manifest in the face of rising needs and scarce resources how does the government respond? Will the government respond to those who scream the loudest irrespective of the extent of actual need or will deliberate analysis resulting in the formulation of evidence-based policies be pursued?

Politicians pursuing short-term horizons are likely to respond to the loudest shouters. Statesmen pursuing long-term horizons will deliberately consider available statistics, which will be utilised to formulate policies to reflect and address the needs of a country.

Anguilla engaged in the Country Poverty Assessment (CPA) 2007/08 with the expectation that its findings would provide policymakers, donors, NGOs and other stakeholders the data and analyses essential to the formulation and implementation of effective social programmes.

The proper use of the data gathered by the CPA 2007/08 will facilitate the reform of social policies and institutions, ultimately leading to an improvement in the conditions of persons living in Anguilla.

A country faced with scarce resources and significant needs requires the timely collection of accurate data, the deliberate consideration of such data by decision-makers, and the formulation of informed policies reflecting the analysis of the data collected.

If the data collected in the CPA 2007/08 is utilised in this way, there can be some hope that measures to alleviate growing social ills and the hardships associated with the social ills will be implemented.

Stakeholders must actively promote the use of the statesmanlike approach.

Reid is the deputy governor of Anguilla, B.W.I. and the delegated head of the Anguilla Public Service.

More information about the Anguilla CPA 2007/08 can be found here.