Exceptional Videos Awarded First-Place Honors

April 29, 2020

in Statistics2013 Video Contest

By Jeffrey A. Myers

A couple weeks ago we unveiled the honorable mentions in the Statistics2013 Video Contest sponsored by Wiley followed a few days later by an announcement of the third-place winners. And, last week we named the second-place videos.

So, this is the BIG week when Statistics2013 makes two major announcements: the first-place videos in two of the three categories, which are revealed below, and the top overall video, which will be unveiled Wednesday.

If you are as curious as most people, you want to know which videos won first-place honors and which one was awarded the top overall video honor. Only time will reveal the answers, so let’s get started with the announcements of the top videos in each category.

But first, here’s a brief rundown of the Statistics2013 Video Contest sponsored by Wiley. In all, 59 excellently produced videos from numerous countries around the world were submitted. Judging of the video competition was tough and the international panel of judges found it difficult to select the top videos in each category. To refresh your memory, the three award categories for the contest are:

  • Best Overall Video (this category’s top video will be announced Wednesday)
  • Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less
  • Best Non-English Language Video

Now let’s look at the first-place winners with links to each video so you can enjoy each exceptional entry:

Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less:

  • The Importance of Statistics by Jason Girouard

Best Non-English Language Video:

  • That is What We Are by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Judging by the quality of these two videos, the decision on the Top Overall Video must have been nearly impossible for the panel of judges to decide.

So, the big questions to ponder as we wait for the next couple days to pass are:

  • Will either of these first-place videos take home the Statistics2013 Video Contest’s title of the Top Overall Video?
  • Or will a more stellar video emerge as the best of the best?

There’s only one way to find out and that is to come back to the Statistics2013 website Wednesday as we award the coveted title of the Top Overall Video.

The members of the Statistics2013 Steering Committee congratulate all the first-place winners for their excellent videos and thank everyone who entered the contest for participating in the International Year of Statistics.