Second-Place Winners Announced!

April 22, 2020

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By Jeffrey A. Myers

This week, we unveil the second-place videos in the Statistics2013 Video Contest sponsored by Wiley.

In all, 59 excellently produced videos from numerous countries around the world were submitted for the contest. Judging of the video competition was tough and the judges found it difficult to select the top videos in each category. The contest was judged by a committee of representatives from several countries around the globe, including Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and Belgium, and chaired by Thomas Short, John Carroll University professor of statistics and a member of the American Statistical Association.

But the tough decisions were made and we continue to share those with you below.

But first, to refresh your memory, the three award categories for the contest are:

  • Best Overall Video
  • Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less
  • Best Non-English Language Video

Now let’s look at the second-place winners with links to each video so you can view each entry:

Best Overall Video:

  • Why Statistics Matters? by Tom Furniss
  • International Year of Statistics by Olivia B.
  • A Day Without Statistics by Roberto Molinari

Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less:

  • Check My Stats (Revised) by Marcus Layher, Rachel Lerner, Erik Schoning, and Connor Atkins

Best Non-English Language Video:

  • What Do You Know About Statistics? (Что такое статистика?) by Yulia Balioz

The members of the Statistics2013 Steering Committee congratulate all the second-place winners for their excellent videos and thank them for participating in the International Year of Statistics.

If you missed the earlier announcements of winning videos, you can review those here:

Remember to join us a week from today as we unveil the top videos in each category and on May 1—a week from this coming Wednesday—when we announce the top overall video. Each of the announcements will be posted here on the Statistics2013 website.