Congrats To The 3rd Place Winners!

April 15, 2021

in Statistics2013 Video Contest

By Jeffrey A. Myers

The countdown to the top videos in the Statistics2013 Video Contest sponsored by Wiley continues. This week, we congratulate the third place winners on our way to announcing the top overall video on May 1.

To refresh your memory, the three award categories for the contest are:

  • Best Overall Video
  • Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less
  • Best Non-English Language Video

Now let’s look at the third-place winners with links to each video so you can view the winning entries (Note: No third-place honor was awarded in the “Best Overall Video” category):

Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less Third Place:

  • Statistics2013—The International Year of Statistics by Rhiannon Farney

Best Non-English Language Video Third Place:

The members of the Statistics2013 Steering Committee congratulate Rhiannon and Svilen for the excellent videos and thank them for participating in the International Year of Statistics.

You can view the honorable mentions at this link.

Remember to join us a week from today as we unveil the second-place finishers. All announcements will be posted here on the Statistics2013 website.