Statistics2013 Video Contest Honorable Mention Winners Unveiled

April 10, 2021

in Statistics2013 Video Contest

By Jeffrey A. Myers

The members of the Statistics2013 Steering Committee are proud to announce that the winners of the Statistics2013 Video Contest—sponsored by Wiley—have been selected and are ready to be revealed.

The contest was judged by a committee of representatives from several countries around the globe, including Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and Belgium, and chaired by Thomas Short, John Carroll University professor of statistics and a member of the American Statistical Association. In all, 59 videos were submitted by individuals and groups in numerous countries.

We commend everyone who submitted an entry for the Statistics2013 Video Contest and thank each for exhibiting such strong support for the International Year of Statistics.

Now let’s move to the business at hand, first by providing a rundown of the three award categories:

  • Best Overall Video
  • Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less
  • Best Non-English Language Video

All announcements will be posted here on the Statistics2013 website. Today, we start the process by unveiling the honorable mentions in each category. And, here is the complete schedule for revealing all the winners in the three categories:

  • Today—Honorable mentions
  • Monday, April 15—Third-place winners
  • Monday, April 22—Second-place winners
  • Monday, April 29—First-place winners (except Best Overall Video)
  • Wednesday, May 1—Best Overall Video

Now it’s time to reveal the honorable mentions with links to each video so you can view the winning entries (Note: No honorable mentions were awarded in the “Best Video by a Person or Persons 18 Years of Age or Less” category):

Best Overall Video Honorable Mentions:

  • Stats Can Be Cool You See (based on Mike Posner’s “Cooler…”) by Michael Posner
  • That Is What We Are by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office
  • My Statistician Friend by Daniele Durante, Gianluca Massimo, Sabrina Vettori, Chiara Zandonà, Paolo Favero, Mara Conti and Davide Salanitri
  • IYS2013_NISRA by Debs Brown and Iain Bri Bryson

Best Non-English Language Video Honorable Mentions:

Each honorable mention winner receives from Wiley a certificate.

Be sure to join us Monday for the announcement of the Statistics2013 Video Contest third-place winners!