An Ode to the Statistician in the Year 2013

January 15, 2021

in Statistics2013 Blog

Every moment, every snapshot of the world you see
is governed by a set of numbers between zero and one.
Every starry sky you see, every skyline you behold,
is a scatterplot or a bar chart.
Not knowing is a virtue, aka Randomization,
and what you do know is in all likelihood.
You are a statistician. You know
only triviality is black or white
You understand grey – all shades of grey.

This is your year. 2013.
0123, in a different order - random, maybe.
This is the year of Statistics
This is the year of the Statistician
Stand up and count, stand up and be heard
Raise your voice
Reach out and make a difference.

Vatsala Karwe
Vice President, New Jersey Chapter of the American Statistical Association